Tour Excursions


Zanzibar is full of activities! We are well known for our historical stone town tours that highlight Zanzibar history, culture and daily life, but also some classic tours like the Spice Tour that gives you an opportunity to see the countryside, rural areas of Zanzibar and a chance to explore the spice plantations, Not to forget Prison island and other Indian ocean excursions which gives you more of an understanding about our natural heritage. Check the different tours below and Contact us if you have any questions or would like to book with us.


Spice tour Zanzibar is well known for its rich cultivation of spices. Since the early 15th century the production and trade of spices has been an important aspect of the history and riches of Zanzibar, making it a sought-after destination for Portuguese and Arab explorers and traders. The Omani started large spice plantations in the 17th century, resulting in Zanzibar becoming the biggest exporter of cloves in the world. The trade in spices has dominated the Zanzibar economy and, today, Zanzibar still ranks 3rd worldwide in clove exportation and a variety of spices play a major role in the culture and everyday life of Zanzibaris.

The Spice tour includes a visit to the plantations just to the North of Zanzibar town (Stone Town). This is also is a fantastic opportunity to see the countryside and rural areas of Zanzibar and connect with local people who are very proud of and knowledgeable about their produce.

The tour will give you a chance to explore the herb, spice and fruit plantations, where you will taste and smell the various spices and have the opportunity to attempt to identify them from crushed leaves, fruits, shoots, vines and creepers.

Your guide will explain the uses for each spice in different food dishes and their history. They will also explain the spices’ origins, their properties and uses as medicine.

You will also meet a local artist who will craft different accessories such as ties, rings, bracelets and glasses from palm leaves. They will be decorated you with them and you can try your hand at coconut harvesting! You will find this practically impossible and yet it is amazingly easy for a Zanzibari farmer.


Half day excursion, 2-3 hours, starting around 9:00 am

You may choose your desired time of departure.


It is advisable to wear walking shoes, a hat or cap and not to forget your insect repellent. You might also want to bring some money if you wish to buy you wish to buy spices, oils and fresh fruits on offer at the plantation.